Tools for the first owner of the house

If you Making the transition from renter to home owner, you can not call the landlord to fix everything. So start with the tools you need.

When I bought my first home in May, my heart was full, but my wallet was empty. The removal of the down payment left me extra money to spend money on my new home, which I needed some right away.

Tools for Homeowner

I borrowed tools from friends and family until I took a breather and could not buy anything for myself. Four months in my new home, I can tell you that these are the 10 necessary tools you will need.

1. Ladder. For the cleaning of gutters there is no possibility to clean the gutters, to cast the crowns or to paint high walls, a ladder is obligatory. The prices vary depending on size and material.

2. Circular saw. My first big project as a new landlord was to look at the back porch and install new handrails. When it was time to buy 2×4, I needed something to cut and the hand saws were too slow. I borrowed a saw from family members before I bought mine, but now that I have them, my circular saw will be useful for creating a shelf in the cabinets.

3. Cordless drill. This is another tool I borrow from a friend before I buy it, but now that I have wireless training, I can not imagine a house without it. A rechargeable battery will be your best friend for many DIY projects, and you do not have to worry about making extension cords.

4. Hammer. Without the tool, there is no complete toolbar. You will pass a curved model everywhere.

5. Garden hose. Start these quarrels by potting your plants! Depending on length, material and durability, the tube costs you everywhere. Do not forget to take it in the winter so it does not split and splits.

6. 6. Tape measure. Useful roulette in the arrangements for the placement of furniture and many other tasks in the house that you can buy.

7. Level. To hang pictures or to adjust the height of the shelf is necessary. A 4-foot level is everywhere on the digital level with an LCD screen.

8. Screwdrivers. You need two flat heads and Phillips grades. A 4-in-1 screwdriver set with two heads of different sizes.

9. Pliers. A set of five clips should cover almost any small object you need to grab, pull, or cut. I used them to pull small nails out of the room and cut off ragged edges. I watched the wire with them as he installed the ceiling fan on my new porch.

10. Stud finder. One of the best elements of the house is the hanging art that really makes your new home at home. The search for a hairpin is useful for future DIY projects.

Some additional thoughts on buying tools

If there is an exchange program in your area or exchange a cooperative, use it. When it’s time to buy, shop for local offers or real estate sales. Savings markets are also a good bet. If you have friends or family who cut or advertise, even better, you will help them by helping you.
What were your first projects as a new owner? Which tools do you need?